New In Pottery: Because Plants Need A Home Too

During the pandemic we saw a surge of DIY gardening and renewed love for houseplants. Almost everyone acquired a bit of a green thumb during the years of the pandemic. At the same time we saw people being inspired by nature and environmentalism when it came to their choices for the home. We’ve written about it in our 2022 trend prediction report, we saw it in our loved ones homes, and we’ll even say: the inspiration from nature is here to stay

At Qartaj we knew it was time to introduce the world to a handcraft that’s developed immensely through time but hasn’t made the furore it deserved outside of Tunisia, and that is kiln fired pottery

"Before the rise of any other material on the market, clay pots were used in the home for years and hold a special place in people’s hearts."

We’ve written about the unique pieces of Sajnene Pottery and are proud to present more pottery made in Tunisia

This pottery is handmade on a potter's wheel from clay that is found naturally in the soil. It is stored in underground cellars where potters will have their workshops installed. With amazing skill, they turn a piece of clay into beautiful planters, vessels and decorative pieces. The piece is then dried and later fired in a traditional kiln. The pieces are often left in their natural terracotta state or later decorated with colorful painted designs.


The pottery tradition of Tunisia has been forwarded through generations and finds its origins in the Aoula tradition of stocking up on food that is placed in large stoneware vessels in traditional Tunisian homes. Before the rise of any other material on the market, clay pots were used in the home for years and still hold a special place in people’s hearts. 

We’ve wanted to share some amazing new products we’ve been researching and collecting. With the immensely popular earthenware trend coming together with the recent Wabi Sabi influence in home design we’re sure these planter pots, vessels, carafes and other pieces will inspire your customers to bring a small, handmade piece of Tunisia to their own home.

Qartaj's New Pottery Catalog

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