Beautify the home with handcrafted unique and rare Tunisian handicrafts. Take a look at special products made from wood, textiles, clay, ceramics and more.

The high quality of our products comes from the beautiful texture and the perfection of the materials, all this brings a natural touch to your interior.

Our handcrafted ceramics are made by highly skilled artisans in Nabeul. From traditional and colorful to understated modern design, we offer ceramics for every style and need.

Qartaj offers you a wide range of authentic ceramics at a reasonable price. Each piece of our various ceramic collection is crafted with care and finesse for our clients. We offer both traditional design and modern interpretations by young designers.

Want to go further and have custom designed decorative items made by our artisans? We can adapt size, colors and design. Contact us at [email protected] and get into an easy process to get the decorations of your dreams.