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Tunisian Handicraft Diversity


The sector of handicrafts has experienced a somewhat turbulent development. From a situation of ignorance in the past, crafts today play an important role in the economic and social development of many countries, including Tunisia. There are about a hundred different artisanal trades that provide a living for over a million people. 

It is clear that crafts occupy an important economic and cultural place in the North African country. Some of the best-known trades are textile weaving, leather, wood, pottery and ceramics. Qartaj started in 2015 and continues to be an international platform for the export and business of the finest Tunisian handmade products. We have chosen to specialise in traditionally handmade rugs, olive wood products, ceramics, textile weaving and halfa grass products.


Latest News and Recent Articles

  • True Treasure: Jewelry in Tunisia
    True Treasure: Jewelry in Tunisia

    What Is Artisan Jewelry?

    Handcrafted jewelry is distinct from mass produced jewelry, because it can be part of a limited series, or even made in a single copy. It can be made up of many materials, not necessarily precious, and which give the piece its originality: paper, glass, cardboard, resin, plastic, wood, leather, recycled materials, and finally, gemstones (precious, fine or organic: coral, mother-of-pearl, etc.).


    Tunisian Jewelry - A Woman’s Treasure

    Tunisian traditional jewelry pieces are ornate, rather massive, and very beautiful. They are used not just to adorn the costume of a woman but as a means of energetic protection, a way of honoring the ancient tradition, and for economic purposes as well. T

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  • Olive wood Kitchenware Products from Tunisia by Qartaj
    Olive wood Kitchenware Products from Tunisia by Qartaj

    As you may have discovered, Qartaj is one of the largest wholesale vendors of Tunisian olive wood products. Tunisian artisans provide a wide range of olive wood products. The most important being cheese and cutting boards. Next are the exquisitely rustic bowls which are used as fruit bowls, salad bowls, or decorative objects. Qartaj and its artisans offer a very diverse range of utensils. You can find almost any utensil made out of olive wood here. We have different sizes and shapes of spatulas, ladles, spoons, forks, salad

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