Fair Trade : Handicrafts From Tunisia

Our Fairtrade Mission


Qartaj believes in fair trade and justice for workers in the artisanal field. As a matter of  fact, Qartaj creates economic  opportunities for marginalized artisans and their communities. The entreprise promotes the disadvantaged artisans in marginalized (rural) communities by  expanding economic opportunities to sell their handmade products all over the world. Also, we  pledge to protect the Tunisian  ancestral handicrafts of national patrimony and help to introduce  it to the world.

In addition, Qartaj’s role is to enhance the social and economical situation of workers in the  artisanal field by selling their products with the fair value that goes with their hard work and effort. Moreover, the company  would like to assure a sustainable profit for the artisans to assure a  proper living condition and a stable income for their families. Importantly, Qartaj is against the  exploitative treatment towards workers, in particular female artisans in rural regions.

It is worthwhile to mention that, Qartaj’s mission is to prevent the extinction of artisanal jobs and  help to regenerate it through teaching it to younger generations. Indeed, Qartaj is devoted to  improve the artisanal product by modernizing it and training the artisan to enhance his skills. In  particular, this young entreprise is trying to unite artisans of different region and facilitate  collaboration between them. In essence, Qartaj believes in the futuristic e-commerce that expands globally.


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