The Tunisian woolen blanket, locally called Batania, is a unique handcrafted product. It is heavy, made from naturally processed wool and cotton. It is used throughout the year and is a perfect addition to homes in colder regions. It is used as a bed cover, or additional blanket on a couch.

The Tunisian Batania was originally made from undyed wool but we have introduced innovative designs with different colors, stitching and textures.


We offer exclusive textiles made from cotton, linen and wool and with a high quality finish. Fouta is an integral part of Tunisian handicrafts and bathhouse culture in the Mediterranean.

The traditionally handwoven fouta towel is perfectly soft, absorbent and durable. Foutas are extremely lightweight compared to regular towels which makes it a customer favorite. It is a staple as home textile but also for the beach, pool, travel, guests, or spa day.

Want to go further and have a custom designed blanket made by our artisans? We can adapt size, colors and design. Contact us at [email protected] and get into an easy process to get the blanket of your dreams.

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