A Quick Guide To: Sourcing Tunisia Handicrafts With Qartaj

So you’re looking for the latest additions to your shop’s catalog and don’t know where to start?

You’re interested in Tunisian products for your customers, unique pieces with a story to tell?


Qartaj offers the largest b2b catalog of Tunisian handmade products. We are continually in contact with designers and artisans to provide beautiful and skilfully crafted pieces for buyers worldwide. 


Did you already know that we work on a fair-trade basis? Read more about it here.

So you’re a buyer and are eager to find exactly what you’re looking for or get inspired to launch a new collection of items for your store. In what follows, we’ll briefly explain how the Qartaj B2B ordering process works. Still have unanswered questions? Let us know at [email protected].

How to order?


We recommend you take your time to browse through our online catalog. Each category of products has a large gamme of styles, designs and materials. 

On each product page you’ll find the SKU code which we’ll need to process your demand. 


Do you want to have more in-depth knowledge about the handmade crafts we are so passionate about? Get to know more about Tunisian handicrafts, our artisans and the latest interior trends on our blog!


What we need to know

Once you’ve selected the products you love, send us an email or contact us through the website to let us know.


Make sure to include the following in your email: 

-The SKU of each product you wish to order

-Amount of each product

-White label requirements 

-Any special requests


Custom made products


We offer an easy process to create unique custom made products

If you’re looking to create custom made products with Qartaj, include the following in your email:


-Desired colorway

-Desired size 

-Desired design

With the info you provide us, we will send you an estimation of both costs and feasibility. You’ll also get all the information you need on samples, packaging, shipping and other services your business requires.


Are you on the look-out for our products but need help with anything? Just contact us and we’re happy to help, advise and guide you through our large collection of handmade products.


Sample Products


It won’t take us long to get back to you. With an estimation and all necessary information in hand, it is now up to you to decide on your order. 

Are you still unsure and looking for a sample of a specific product? You can just follow up on our emails and let us know.  We’d love to help you make the right decision and send samples of products whenever possible. 


Take a look at our ready-made samples rugs. We can provide samples of all rugs in our catalog. Don’t hesitate to ask!


You’ve just placed an order!


You’ve made your final decision and know exactly what to order for your business. We’ll gladly receive your order by email

Immediately we’ll get to work contacting our artisans, designers and manufacturers. 


Throughout the whole process we’ll keep you updated on the timeframe, cost and shipping of your order. We love to truly connect with our customers. This can be done by email, phone or real-time meetings. 


We hope to help you soon! 


The Qartaj Team,


Moncef, Hassen and Marthe



PS: Still have some questions left unanswered? We’re sorry you couldn’t find the info you were looking for. Our team is able to answer any questions you’ve still got, don’t hesitate to ask us anything. Contact us at [email protected] or contact us here.