Making the search easier: Our handpicked favorites for spring/summer ‘22


With spring right around the corner we thought it is definitely time to round up a few trends for the spring and summer of 2022. As product development director of Qartaj I follow interior design trends and changes in people's homes closely. I’ve found that the next three trends are leaving a huge mark in homes around the world. To make your sourcing needs easier I’ve compiled a handpicked list of my favorite items from 7 different product categories to get you inspired and your customers' homes ready for the warmer months of the year.  

Outdoor luxe: millions of people have transformed their outside spaces into livable areas and people are spending a lot on a well designed outdoor space for their home.It is scientifically proven that greenery and fresh air has a positive effect on our well-being. Even adding a few potted plants to a small outdoor space like a balcony is beneficial. There is a real desire to create resort-like spaces and little getaways in our own backyards.


Organic textures: Home design has become more about how it makes us feel. There are a lot of materials that are trending, which are very tactile and pleasing to touch. Textiles are huge. We’re looking for soft natural rugs, linen, cotton… Handmade textural pottery pieces are definitely here to stay. People are looking to integrate wood pieces with patina into their home. Did you know just seeing wood grain can elevate your mood?

Sustainability: With the coming up of mass produced and delivered items the past years a countertrend has started to form. There is a tiredness of hardcore consumerism of mass produced goods. People are looking into pieces for their home that are handmade, sustainable, maybe vintage or antique. Consumers are tired of big box store collections and are looking further to get those pieces that have a story behind them. With the Covid-pandemic being an economic disaster for many, people are getting into buying locally again in small curated shops that personally source unique items. We’re trying to create spaces that are unique to us and are stepping away from the showroom look. 

With these 3 trends in mind I have handpicked my favorites for the spring and summer of 2022 to curate a new catalog for your business that will definitely make your customers excited for the new seasons.


Discover Our 10 Favorites

1.Flower Pot Of Sajnen 

2. Ethically Made Kairouan Rug

3. Large Handpainted Bowl

4. Set of 3 Handmade Olive Wood Plates

5. Black and Grey Pillow

6. Luxurious Blue and White Fouta

7. Handmade Checkerboard Vase of Sajnen / Handmade Two Tone Cup of Sajnen

8. Outdoors Esparto Grass Chevron Rug

9. Round Organic Fiber Chair

10. Set of Three Handmade Clay Plates and Bowl Of Sajnen

Handmade Products for summer