Why We Use Cotton And Linen For Fouta Towels

Why We Use Cotton And Linen For Fouta Towels

Our Fouta towels are that kind of product we can’t get enough of. For ages it has been used in Mediterranean and Arabic hamam (spa) culture. Foutas are created to be by our side in sweaty and humid environments. Today Foutas can be found anywhere. It can be used as a lightweight beach towel, transformed into fashionable clothing. In Tunisia and abroad you will find foutas in home decor, made into curtains, throws, pillow cases and more.

There’s many reasons fouta towels are so popular and versatile, as we wrote about in this blogpost. Today we wanted to dive deeper into the fabric that is used to make these precious towels and their advantages. 

Handmade Tunisian Fouta    Tunisian_Fouta

Unfortunately, synthetic foutas or cheap mass produced knock offs can be found on markets around the world. Qartaj always opts for the real deal with sturdy, durable foutas made out of cotton and linen.

Our fouta’s are made by highly skilled and specialised artisans on a traditional wooden loom. Tunisia is full of hidden talent that we give a chance to showcase their creations and designs.


1- Cotton 

Even in the modern world with an array of synthetic fibers to choose from, cotton is the most used natural fiber in the whole world. There's a good reason for that. Read on to find out the main advantages of the fiber.


Moisture control

  • Cotton is naturally absorbent and doesn’t show perspiration like synthetics do and it helps keep you dry naturally. This also means foutas will dry you off in one go, which is great when used as a (beach) towel.



  • Cotton is soft, absorbent and breathable. Real, high quality foutas feel quite soft and tend to only get softer with long term use.  So, if your clothes are itchy, irritating, stiff or clingy, look on your label because your clothing may not be cotton-rich. 


  • Cotton breathes better than synthetic fabrics like polyester. It makes it perfect for use in hot summer months, where it will keep you dry and cool. Afraid of the sun at the pool? Put your fouta towel around you and you’ll cool down thanks to the advantages of the fabric. 


  • Cotton is strong, tough and not afraid to get its fibers dirty. You can rely on it to last a long time and not fall apart on the first use. (Almost) Never buy new towels again and invest in something worthwhile. We have many timeless fouta designs which will be by your side all year, every year.


  1. Cotton has been around for thousands of years making it one of the world’s oldest fibers. It is annually renewable, biodegradable, and regulated by the USDA.
  2. You don’t have to wash it because it doesn’t retain odors like oil-based fabrics, you can save your foutas a few trips to the hamper because cotton doesn't get dirty afterv one use. Plus you’ll save money, water and energy, and help your foutas last even longer.

2- Linen 

Now for the second thread used to make our fabulous foutas, it is linen which has numerous advantages as well. 



Flax cultivation requires little water and pesticides. The plant grows naturally thanks to the heat of the sun and rainwater, so it does not require any irrigation.


The flax fiber, from which linen fabric is created, has the property to soak moisture well (up to 20% of its own weight in water) before starting to feel damp. 


The hollow nature of flax fiber helps linen fabric to release air quickly. Thus, linen fabric gets dry in no time. This is one of the main reasons we use linen in our foutas.

Natural Insulator

Linen is known as a natural insulator. It makes you cool during the summer season and retains heat from your body when it’s cooler.


Linen fabric is hypoallergenic in nature. The fabric is known for its natural antiseptic property. It kills bacteria and fungus and minimizes inflammation. That’s why linen is the go-to choice for people with sensitive skin or those who are prone to allergies.


Flax fibers are collected from the inner bark of the plant. And fabrics produced from these fibers are generally strong and long-lasting.