Tunisian Fouta is needed Import/Export worldwide

The value handicrafts exports, in the Monastir region, exceeded 8 million dinars (MDT) in 2018, including 4 MDT generated exclusively by the Tunisian fouta, which achieves a remarkable breakthrough.

Fouta Tunisia


This authentic product had already registered 2.5 MTD export in 2017.


In total, exports of handicrafts in the region increased by 20% in 2018 compared to 2017, which growth was favored mainly by the fuse but also by the pottery.


These exports are expected to strengthen in 2019 with the launch in Monastir of three or four new exporting companies.


Efforts are being made to diversify markets, such as North America, the Gulf countries and the African continent, said Kadhem Masmoudi, regional commissioner at the National Office of Crafts, on the sidelines of the second edition of the Handicrafts Fair of the Sahel. It is held from 14 to 24 March 2019, at the Palais des expositions, in Sahline (Monastir governorate), in collaboration with the Regional Commissariat of Handicrafts and with the participation of some 200 artisans from Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, India and France.