Tunisian Handicrafts: 36th Edition of Crafts Creation Fair from 22nd to 31st of March 2019


The crafts creation fair will open its doors today 22nd of March till the end of the month at the Kram Exhibition Center. The first day is devoted to professional visitors and buyers. Starting from the 23th, the fair will open doors to the public.


More than 800 artisans and creators present their know-how:


This big meeting is a moment of reconciliation, sereine expression of the Tunisian identity, conducive to sharing between different generations ,at a first level, and between artisans and the public at a second level. More than 800 artisans, creators and artisanal companies will unveil their know-how during 10 days at the Kram Exhibition Center, Tunis.


Artisans are skilled at shaping the material. Their valuable know-how, transmitted from one generation to another and this enables them to create a link between the past and the future. We can even say that these artisans are an integral part of the Tunisian cultural heritage.


Such creators live a deep, essential and an intimate relationship with the products they give birth to. These products are just unique, intemporal, an expression of the tradition, innovation and a combination of both. These men and women are the bearers of an ethic that of an exchange, memory and transmission.


The crafts creation fair is engaged in product promotions of these talented artisans and it will also pay tribute to their exceptional talent and excellent know-how.


The goals of this fair:


This crafts fair aims at exhibiting the wealth of the Tunisian handicrafts and get rid of the intimacy of workshops in which the artisans hide.This meeting is also an occasion to discover how an intangible savoir-faire is part of modernity in a way it reveals the power  of Tunisian craftsmanship imagination by the strength of the products.


The staging harmony is palpable thanks to the specific division related to a thematic course so you will find a space of “Heritage”, a space for “ Olympia, live workshops of wall tapestry” and a space of “crafts creation”.


The visitors’ tour continue in the commercial space, divided into 9 exhibition sectors: Interior Design, Table Art, Clothing and Fashion Accessories, Carpet and weaving, Traditional Furniture, Architecture and exterior decoration, Delights, Scents and Flavors and finally Raw materials  sector.


In sum, this fair is a perfect opportunity for  artisans to position and sell their handmade products and for visitors, especially Tunisians as they will celebrate their cultural roots and honor the handicrafts production.


                                                                Written by: Maroua Mejri