How to Keep Summer Quarantine Aesthetically Pleasing

While the COVID crisis has been with us for longer than it should have, we still spend a lot of time at home. Our house has become more than a home, with work from home, homeschooling, and in general, staying inside. For most of us, the quarantine at home wasn’t a big problem at first, until the information trickled through that this way of life could and would be going on for much longer than we thought. Home soon became the playground for renewing the whole interior, DIY projects to post about on social media, spring cleaning till winter. Never before people spend so much time in a confined space, and it’s human nature to make the space around us our own. 

I personally went through these interior design craze phases as well. While living the craze, I discovered cottagecore, fairycore and other “cores” (which is a word for “styles” used by anyone born after the year 2000). I spent way too many hours scrolling through Pinterest (which could be totally defined as market research, right?) and found out about new trends, colors, and materials that inspired others sitting at home. 

Summer is approaching steadily. Now that the world is quietly opening up again, you shouldn’t miss any chances to explore five of my tips for the best buys for your brand you can make at this time.



I’ve written about foutas before, explaining how lightweight and versatile they are. Basically, foutas are towel, picnic blanket, tablecloth… all in one. At the same time they’re easily taken out the door because they’re super lightweight and foldable. I love wearing them as a cover-up at the beach while drying in the sun. 

Qartaj has any size and color of fouta available to market this wonderful product how you’d love it. We do custom-made foutas so while seeing these samples, let your imagination and marketing skills run wild!

blogpost quarantaine life summer foutas


Personally, I don’t think there are many better ways to make an interior cozier than with rugs. Was my love for rugs one of the reasons I got into this business? Definitely. And now I can tell you how great these things are. Our rugs are all hand-knotted by women artisans in rural areas that Qartaj tries to help develop. These women have amazing skills and we love to share this with the world. 

Even during summer, rugs are a great addition to your home. Walking barefoot through the house, kilim rugs are just thick enough to add layers to a space without heating up.  

blogpost quarantaine life kilim rugs moodboard tunisian


During spring and summer, we try to get to markets for the freshest produce available. The season of salad-making is then started and will end whenever it is cold enough to get back to comforting oven roasts. If our olive wood product range hasn’t yet persuaded you to invest, take this as a sign you should. Once you’ve eaten from olive wood tableware with olive wood cutlery, you’ll never get back to ceramic and metal. The utter joy of eating in silence, no clinking of tableware, only birds chirping, and the wooden spoon going over the wooden bowl is a great way to get a moment of zen in your day. 

blogpost quarantaine life olive wood kitchen utensils bowls and spoons zen silent tableware


If you’re more of the entertaining-evening-dinner-with-friends-whenever-possible type, you’ll fall in love with some of our fun ceramic tableware. The tableware we sourced is mostly from the city of Nabeul, which is known for colorful and joyful ceramic creations. 

blogpost quarantaine life moodboard colorful ceramics tunisian jar retro antique unique


During those hours-long Pinterest scroll sessions that I went through at the peak of quarantine, I found myself (and others) being more inspired by nature than any time in recent history. Being connected to other humans and our planet, yes. Being connected through devices, no. This still seems to be the case. We see that sales of plants have gone up an all-time high. I’m sure a lot of your customers also got into plant keeping over quarantine and that’s why I wanted to finish this list by showing you some of our finest samples of baskets which are the most summer-proof way of hiding plastic plant pots I could find for you.

blogpost quarantaine life moodboard baskets plants monstera pinterest natural halfa fiber boho

source photo Monstera plant: