Modern Waves Design Kilim Area Rug Turquoise and White

Modern Waves Design Kilim Area Rug Turquoise and White


Origin: Le Kef, Tunisia

Material: wool

Texture: flat weave

Colors: undyed wool (white), turquoise, white tassels

Dimensions: 208 cm x 149 cm - 81.88“ x 58.66“

This is a sample size but all sizes are available on demand.

Weight: 4,5 kg - 9.92 lbs

Care instructions: Hand wash with soap, no soaking, or professional rug cleaning service.

Minimum pieces: 5

This large rug is handmade on a traditional weaving loom by Amazigh (Berber) women living in Kesra, one of the oldest Amazigh villages of Tunisia. Throughout history the weaving of rugs and textiles has played a large part in the Amazigh culture and still today breathtaking rugs are made by small groups of women. The styles range from traditional cultural patterns to highly modern interpretations and everything in between. The rugs we offer are available but we also offer a well integrated service for demand of custom designs. Just let us know and we’ll work together with the artisans to create the rugs of your dreams!

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Wholesale Fairtrade Handknotted Tunisian Rugs

Our kilims are made by Amazigh (Berber) women artisans in a Fair Trade community project. The kilims are knotted by hand and are all unique.

As the weaving is so tight they are very durable pieces that withstand long time usage.  

This small black and white kilim with traditional Amazigh symbols tells us a story about ancient culture and life. 

It can be used in any room and will add a worldly and eclectic twist to it.

It is available in ready made sizes or can be customised to your taste.

All kilims and rugs come with a country official stamp indicating a guarantee of origin and serial number.

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Minimum number of pieces 5
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