Cage of Sidi Bou Said decoration arabesques

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- Cage Natural Wood

- Protective Coatings

- Dimensions: 0.72 * 0.42 cm / 0,28*0,16 inches

- Weight: 4,5kg /9,92 pounds

- Material: Olive Wood is also Available

- handicraft house

- Tunisian handicrafts

- Handicraft art

- Fairtrade

- Minimum Quantity : 20 

Wholesale Tunisian Handicrafts

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The Sidi Bou Said birdcage is one of the most famous of Tunisian handicrafts; cages of Sidi Bou Said, which are completely handmade made of metal volutes a square wood basis, which are filled with C and shaped iron motives.It's very elegant and decorative, inspired in its decoration arabesques of wrought iron window (Zlabiya) adorning the facades of houses in the Medina and Sidi Bousaid. This product is part of Tunisian handicrafts

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- Cage Natural Wood / Olive Wood

- Protective Coatings

- 0.72 * 0.42 cm / 0,28*0,16 inches - 4,5kg /9,92 lbs.

-Minimum quantity :20

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We offer samples and custom design to make it easier for you to follow changing trends, styles and ideas. Just contact us ([email protected]) to get into the process of custom designing your own products to always be one step ahead of your customers demands. cages can be adapted to size.

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