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The CAP-X project is a two-year program that aims to increase Tunisian handicraft exports. 

This project provides technical expertise to 50 Tunisian artisans to refine their products to meet international standards. 

The IDH International Human Development Institute and Creative Learning aim to facilitate the participation of artisans in international markets and increase exports of their products. Particular attention is paid to women artisans in rural and vulnerable areas.


This program will try to create a strong cooperation between local partners, government agencies and beneficiaries to develop the export through the practical application of improved skills at the design level, to ensure greater preparedness to market along the artisanal value chain.

The products categories chosen for this 2-year project are:

Aid to Artisans

  • - Pottery: Berber style pottery, the rustic weight and natural colors (Vases, bowls…).
  • - Ceramics: White story and novelty pieces.
  • - Basketry:  Lighting pendants, area rugs, home decor.
  • - Glass: Hand-blown, fused.
  • - Wood: small occasional tables, painted mirrors, boxes, trays, olive-wood.
  • - Textiles: Scarves- natural fibers, natural color    


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