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About Qartaj

Qartaj Handmade crafts pottery


Cathaginians were fabulous marins. Latin Pliny the historian wrote about them “Punics Invented the Commerce”

Our story exists sins 814 B.C, Qartaj is the outcome of a historical context, the name of our companyrefers to Carthaginian civilisation historically known for its commercial activities. specialized and recognized artisans, Carthaginians had the recognition of Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Spanish…

Qartaj is a Marketplace specialized in the distance offers of artisanal products. We are a Market space dedicated to the promotion of creators, an online gallery devoted to the exhibition of handmade products based on ancestral expertise. Our objective is to valorize our partners creations in a friendly atmosphere and to make public rediscover local and original small artisans and designers. Users can visit the creator’s workshop in his online shop, get informations about his creator-career, ask him for a personalized product and they are also invited to actively participate in our marketplace by evaluating with a score or a comment on the quality of products and services after the reception of their order.

We cultivate a sharp sense of innovation while preserving our traditional values. Qartaj has all chances to surprise you in the future. We hope to help our collaborators create new solutions corresponding to our requirements. Qartaj is developing a products and services distance offer concept, members can exclusively buy them via the website: www.qartaj.com

Discover unique collections on Qartaj, and beneficiate of our partners expertise and products handmaded with love.

Counting on the best. We have the solution!

  • Exclusive Partner:

Qartaj.com is a unique space dediacated to creators so they can expose and sell their products in several domains: Haute couture, Fashion Accessories, House Equipements and Decoration,... the direct relationship with creators allows a very reasonable pricing offer.

  • Unique Offer:

Handmade creations and products following traditional techniques. A particular expertise out of industrial context.

  • Quality service:

A rigorous product selection, the quest of elegant and refine graphism, the navigation fluidity, the care given to shipments and customers relationship are quality pledges we commit to our clients.

  • Subscribers space

Sales are exclusively reserved to members, it is imperative to subscribe in order to buy a product. subscription on our website is done through few clicks with the Facebook account or by filling an inscription form. Subscription is free and engagements free. Entered data at registration will only be used in order to inform you of the news, reductions and offers on our website. Click here and become Qartajinian.

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