Greige on White "Batania", Blanket, Bedspread

Greige on White "Batania", Blanket, Bedspread

Greige on White "Batania", Blanket, Bedspread

Greige on White "Batania"

Origin: Le Kef

Material: wool on cotton 

Colors: natural undyed white, greige


  • 170 cm x 165 cm - 66.93" x 64.96"
  • Weight: 1970 gr - 4,34 lbs


A beautiful undyed white and greige blanket, can be used as a bed spread. This blanket will definitely keep you warm in colder months. It had minimal greige details and little greige pompoms at the ends. The simple design, which reminds us of the Scandinavian Hygge concept, makes it suitable for any interior.

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Wholesale traditional Tunisian woolen batania blankets

During the day, Tunisia can become extremely hot during summer but at night and winter many parts of Tunisia have very low temperatures. For those cold nights and months of the year, a woolen blanket is a must. They are called "batania" in the Tunisian dialect and traditionally used as a cover for beds or to cozy up on chilly evenings.

With centuries of know-how, older generations used to thread the wool and knot them on high quality cotton to make beautiful thick blankets. 

To sustain the small workshops still operating and producing this extraordinary product, we work together to use worldwide trade to our advantage and let the world discover Tunisia’s batanias.

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