Dish 3 dark-colored fish 100% handmade made by women cooperative in Sajnen – Tunisia ,

  • Fair Trade
  • Sustainable
  • Handmade
  • Funds Community Development

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Group of women in Sajnen north village in Tunisia use inherited knowledge

  • Product in limited edition
  • Every piece is unique
  • black fish

Support Sajnen women artisans cooperative in the region

Sajnen is a northern town in Tunisia. Its pottery is one of the particularities of the prehistoric and Roman archaeological heritage of the Kroumiria. It demonstrates expertise that ancestral women have inherited and preserved from generation to generation since ancient times. The pottery is made from clay found there and naturally dyed. Sejnen pottery has a quality and a decorative style that distinguishes it from other regions of Tunisia pottery. Sajnen pottery is very minimalistic, with strong African overtones. The decor reports to a naive art, composed of colorful patterns in black and red representing animals, fish, birds, turtles, camels, snake and also geometric, broken, wavy and circular lines.Traditionally, pottery objects are made by women for their own daily domestic needs. Their different shapes, volumes, sizes depend on their features and their uses as kitchen utensils for the conservation of food supplies, cooking, drinks, to serve meals but also for lighting like censers.Today, this is no longer the case, but, anxious to preserve the traditional skills and above all ensure a steady livelihood in a heavily affected by unemployment region they innovate in the genres, forms , colors and decors to modernize their design, serving more for decoration than household use, while maintaining the indelible mark of their Berber origins.

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