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Tunisia is known for its carpets, Mergoums, Klims and tapestries and weavings. Of all time and still today, from north to south, in cities and the countryside, weaving activities abound.
Steeped in customs and regional features, weaves meet the daily needs and sometimes combine several functions such as flijs, himls, Ghrara, ouazra, houli, Hambel, gtifa … The story attributes to “Kemla” the daughter of a Turkish governor of Kairouan, the introduction in 1830 of the carpet knotted Anatolian inspiration of Kairouan.
But in reality, weaving carpets existed before; and today the knotted carpets point occurred in all regions of Tunisia. The carpet, said Kairouan, has a field, generally hexagonal central spandrels strewn with stylized motifs and pilasters which alternate geometric and floral motifs.