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Exclusive offer for Tunisians Abroad : Now you can send a surprise gift box to make your loved ones smile

For all those who live far away from Home and are unable to share last year’s moments with their beloved ones, but still willing to send them tasty gifts.

Peanota and Qartaj thought about you!

Now you can deliver to your relatives, lovers and friends peanut butter boxes specially made for this occasion, wherever they are on the Tunisian territory thanks to a special and unique service.

A golden delicious gift :

Peanota, a 100% natural peanut-butter resulted from an occidental-Tunisian mixture yielding to an authentic and unique sweet savory taste. An excellent way to add natural peanut flavour to your numerous recipes; cookies, smoothies and all other sweets. Containing 25% of protein, no chemicals or genetically modified products, Peanota is your healthy alternative for spread cream that can fill you with energy and good taste. Spoil yourselves!

Peanota a peanut-butter with an interesting story :

Fedi Kammoun a Tunisian Entrepreneur, Finance student in Sfax, have discovered peanut butter after a mentorship trip to Brazil. There he fell in love with the taste and the texture of the Peanut butter and all exquisite recipes derived from it. The young entrepreneur, got back to his home town, where he started in his own kitchen concocting recipes for this delicious, still not know in Tunisia spreading cream. He took samples to sell in his university, and thanks to feed backs he got, he was able to enhance his product and know better about his customers.

Now Fedi is willing to introduce his new product to the Tunisian Market in order to enrich the taste and recipes for a more tasty and fun Tunisian Kitchen!

Qartaj & Peanota the Tunisian creative Startups think about you and share with you this pleasure :)