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Né à Tunis: A Rising Figure in The Tunisian Design


Modern design and beautiful handmade products

Né à Tunis a rising figure in the modern artisanal designs, the name behind this work is Chems Eddine Mechri with a diplomas in product design and a master's degree in patrimony and design. Chems Eddine decided to create a brand that tells the story of Tunisia through a modern sight.

Brand Name

By choosing Né à Tunis (Born in Tunis) I wanted a strong and very symbolic name According to Chems being Tunisian is something to be proud of, all the history Tunisia have and the openness of its borders, so we have to be open minded and able to communicate with others.

Né à Tunis marks the beginning of a story that I want to tell through each of my products, this name is more iconic for the whole country than a capital to the other regions


In addition to its own productions, the brand Né à Tunis aims to be a lighthouse to regional craftsmen, being a mentor and a leader helping artisans in rural areas improve their products. He has been working with women in Jradou, after a mentoring period with them. Now he is working with craftswomen in Douz on the vegetable fiber of juncaceae and with artisans in Sidi Bouzid on olive wood. 

Goal and ambition

My objective is to participate, with product design, to the unlocking of regions and communities, by the appreciation and above all respecting the identity, the culture and the expertise of these creative artisans, who ensure the survival of our patrimony